Change of Shift

An Haiku-tale

 – by Stefan Zimmermann – Licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

She wakes up again –
The ammunition in reach …
The amulet, too –

She closes the door;
Runs to the elevator,
That never abides –

The lift door closes …
No floor is being chosen,
But it starts moving –

She closes her eyes;
Tight grip on the amulet …
She wakes up again –

The lift comes to rest;
Right between two stories! and:
The lift door opens –

Snowflakes are raging –
A cabin is illumined
By lambent candles –

In front of the hut:
Hunted prey; and the weapon:
Stands right beside it –

The hut door opens –
After all these years His gaze
Meets Hers; finally! –

She takes the rifle,
Loads it, aims, closes her eyes …
And pulls the trigger –

Seconds afterwards
Can nothing more be heard than:
His morning alarm –

He wakes up again –
The ammunition in reach …
The amulet, too …